Short Fiction

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Short Fiction

Here I will occasionally publish some short stories and fiction extracts, some from the Kingdom of Clockwork universe and some not.

The story God Does Not Play Banjo With The Universe was inspired by a somewhat frustrating tram journey in Copenhagen undertaken by Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr, which, at least according to legend, really did take place: the two physicists became so caught up in their discussion that they missed their stop several times. Though what they actually talked about is, of course, unknown.

Marchas Paints the Duchess is an extract from A Clockwork Carol, the third book in the Kingdom of Clockwork series. The scene was inspired by the painting Læsende pige (Reading girl) by the Danish artist Otto Frello.

The story Spy Wednesday was also inspired by a Frello painting: in this case Den morsomme mand (The Funny Man).

I hope you enjoy them.

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