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Kingdom of Clockwork Trilogy

kingdom-of-clockwork-smits-only-clockwork-moonA Clockwork Carol

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Short Fiction

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The Other Mermaid

Army medic Daniel Manston has already been executed once for a crime he didn’t commit, and now he’s determined to stay alive. But to do so, he must solve a centuries-old riddle about the relationship between the sea people and humanity. On the remote arctic island of Svalbard, he finds an ally in Deryn, a female hermit whose task is to transcribe records of the ancient past. Together, they stumble upon a terrible truth that changes everything – and puts them both in mortal danger.

In a land of ghosts and strange creatures, what is real, and what is not? And can you tell the difference, when your life depends upon it?
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Kingdom of Clockwork

When the oil and gas ran out, civilisation collapsed. Now, centuries later, mankind is once again beginning to discover the secrets of the past … starting with clockwork.

In a future Denmark, the King’s clockmaker becomes enmeshed in a web of court intrigue and undertakes a fateful journey to the Far North, where he encounters many strange phenomena that challenge his rational nature.

Kingdom of Clockwork is a science fiction/steampunk novel by Billy O’Shea. The story takes place in a quasi-medieval society that arises in Scandinavia after the new Dark Ages. Lacking fossil fuels and knowledge of past technology, the new kingdoms of the northern lands can only draw upon the power of the wind, which they store using clockwork. But the King of Kantarborg has a plan to mine other secrets of the past, and weaves a young court clockmaker into his dangerous schemes.

Kingdom of Clockwork has been described as “alternate history, historical fantasy and steampunk”. It is a quirky, intriguing, slightly whimsical tale of reason, magic and human cunning. The story combines real Scandinavian history and locations with flights of fancy, both literal and metaphorical.
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It’s Only a Clockwork Moon

In a future Denmark, Karl Nielsen, Royal Clockmaker, is recalled to the Round Tower to design the King’s most ambitious project yet – a vehicle to travel into space. The second book in the Kingdom of Clockwork series is a quirky, humorous tale of Nordic monarchs, Irish monks, jazz records, airships, submarines, spacecraft and conspiracies.
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A Clockwork Carol

A Clockwork Carol

Clockmaker Karl Nielsen has not been having a good day. He thought he was taking a short Yuletide trip to the city. Now he stands accused of treason. robbery and murder.
The darkly humorous third volume in the Kingdom of Clockwork series features a king disguised as Santa, a prime minister who might be an alien, a pregnant Irish monk and a long-forgotten Danish monster.
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Short Fiction


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Unique, imaginative, gripping and engaging. If you have to get up early in the morning don’t start reading it the evening before.

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