Q & A

Questions and answers

1. Where do I see the postage and packaging costs?
– There aren’t any. We have opted to include P&P in the price of the book to simplify the website administration. Wherever you live in the world, you pay the same price.

2. Why is the capacity of the USB drive so limited?
– It was designed to be just large enough to contain the audio book. However, if there is interest, we might start a crowd-funding campaign to get some produced with a greater capacity.
IMPORTANT NOTE: At this time, we only have 50 custom USB drives left, and we don’t know whether any more will be produced, so stocks are limited. We may however make the audio book available via other media in future.

3. How do you ship the items?
– At the moment, we send both the books and the USB drives by first class letter post using Post Danmark. If you would prefer the item to be sent by courier or by registered post, contact us at info@blackswan.dk for details of prices.

4. How long will it take to arrive?
– We will post your book or USB drive as soon as we receive payment. Transit time is usually 2-3 days for Europe, 4-7 days for the rest of the world, plus any time the item may spend in customs in your country. Please make sure that the address you give us is complete and correct – we cannot be responsible for failure of your local postal service to deliver. (But we are not unreasonable – contact us if you encounter difficulties.)

5. Are the USB drives compatible with all computers?
– The USB drives are directly compatible with laptops and stationary computers (PC or Apple). The audio files are in MP3 format. To listen to the audio book with an iPad, iPod or iPhone, you can copy the files from a computer to your device using iTunes or the like. We recommend in any case that you copy the audio files onto your computer and play them there, rather than listening to them directly from the USB drive.

6. I have received a USB drive that does not work. What should I do?
–  We naturally test all our USBs before we send them, but if you have any problems, contact us right here.

7. When I have copied the audio files onto my computer, can the USB drive be used for other things?
– The USB drive was designed especially for the audio book Kingdom of Clockwork, so we do not recommend its use for other purposes. (Its capacity is in any case quite small, though you could probably get a few files onto it.)

8. May I copy the audio book and give it to others?
– Yes, you are welcome to copy the audio book from the USB drive and pass it on, as long as you do not offer it for sale. The design of the custom USB drive itself is however copyright, and of course you may not make copies of the printed book.

9. I was charged import tax. Will you cover this?
–  No, unfortunately we cannot be responsible for any charges, VAT or legal restrictions that may be imposed on the USB drive or the book by the authorities of your country. We recommend that you check before ordering to see what charges or restrictions may apply.

10. What is your returns policy?
– If you return the book or USB drive in good condition, we will refund the original purchase price.

11. Are the books available as e-books?
– Yes: they are available on Kindle, Kobo and Smashwords.

12. What do the runes mean in ‘Kingdom of Clockwork’?
– That is for you to find out! (There’s no great mystery about it, it’s just for fun.)

13. Can I get a copy of the printed book signed by the author?
– Of course. Just let us know who the dedication is to be made out to.

14. What about privacy and security?
– Any personal details you provide to us, such as your postal address and e-mail address, are confidential and we will naturally never pass them on to any other site, organisation or person. That’s a promise.

If you have any other questions, you are welcome to contact us.



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